Use Robomongo to explore MongoDB

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This post shows how you can use Robo3T formerly Robomongo to explore a database on a remote server.

Install Robo3T

Go to the official website and download the latest version of the software.

Extract the archive with

tar xvzf  robo3t-1.1.1-linux-x86_64-c93c6b0.tar.gz

Then navigate to the new directory and execute bin/robo3t.

Configure Robo3T

To create a new connection, go in File > Connect. You can then click on create to create a new connection.

Connection tab

In the connection tab, choose:

  • Type: Direct Connection
  • Name: MyNewConnection
  • Address: localhost
  • Port: 27017

Note that we will connect to the server with a SSH private key, and then connect to the Mongo Database. That is why the address is localhost.

SSH tab

  • SSH Address:
  • SSH Port: 22
  • SSH User Name: myusername
  • SSH Auth Method: Private Key
  • Private key: path/to/private/key/on/disk
  • Passphrase: mypA$$phr@se55,;:+2

Click on Test to verify that everything works properly.

You can now explore, read and write to your database with Robo3T.