Installing Jdownloader

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JDownloader is a download manager, written in Java, which allows automatic download of groups of files from one-click hosting sites. JDownloader supports the use of premium accounts. Some parts, but not all, of JDownloader are open-source.

You can find its website here


Organizing files

First off we create a directory Jdownloader2 on our system.

mkdir Jdownloader2

Inside this directory we create a file named docker-compose.yml

touch docker-compose.yml

Organizing mounts

JDownloader will need a place to drop its download. By default JDownloader will place the downloads in /root/Downloads inside the container. Which means that once the container is deleted, the downloads disappear with it.

Of course you should mount a directory to /root/Downloads so that when JDownloader downloads the files, they really go the mounted directory.

Here we will map our NAS download directory ~/NAS/Downloads.

Setting up the IP address

I chose to reserve the IP address for JDownloader. To do so, I went into my router DHCP dashboard and set a static DHCP address. The rule maps the MAC address 02:42:0A:00:06:04 to the IP address and also sets the hostname to JDOWNLOADER.


Here is the content of the docker-compose file

 version: '2.2'
     container_name: 'jdownloader'
     image: 'jaymoulin/jdownloader:0.6.1-i386'
     hostname: 'jdownloader'
     restart: unless-stopped
       - './config:/opt/JDownloader/cfg'
       - '../NAS/Downloads:/root/Downloads'
       name: host-macvlan-net

As you can see in the docker-compose file we have two volume mappings.

  • ’../NAS/Downloads:/root/Downloads’ maps the JDownloader download directory to our NAS download directory
  • ’./config:/opt/JDownloader/cfg’ maps the JDownloader config directory to a directory on our system called config.

JDownloader configuration

Start by running the container with docker-compose up -d. This will initiate JDownloader and create the configuration files.

Then you can execute the following command to configure your MyJDownloader login/password :

docker exec jdownloader configure password is a service provided by JDownloader to let you access your JDownloader from anywhere. It is also the only way to access it if you run it in headless mode.

Connect to with your credentials to start using JDownloader. You can setup your configuration so that only local devices can connect to your JDownloader instance, but the authentication part will still be done by

Backup script

#This script backs up the jdownloader2 config
#It must be executed by the root user to work properly
NEW_BACKUP_NAME=$(echo -n "$(date +%s)_$(date -I | tr - _)")

# Create a new directory on the shared folder
echo "Creating new directory $NEW_BACKUP_DIR"
mkdir -p $NEW_BACKUP_DIR
# Backup the config dir
echo "Backing up JDownloader config..."

# Create tar from backed up directories
echo "Creating tar file"
tar -cvzf "$NEW_BACKUP_DIR.tar" -C "$NEW_BACKUP_DIR" .


echo "JDownloader backup finished"